Employee Retention Credit + Impact Rewards Program

How it Works

If company is rewarded Employee Retention Credit, then up to 5-10% of the credit value will be converted to Impact Dollars for a meaningful employee recognition campaign.

Impact Dollars are sent to employees, redeemable at a curated list of up to 1.5M U.S. nonprofits.

Participating employees may qualify for additional rewards.

Employee Rewards For Impact

Studies show employees prefer supporting causes they care about over cash bonuses. How you contribute to society impacts your employees’ pride in their work & their devotion to your company.

✔ Increase passion & motivation for work

✔ Boost productivity & profits

✔ Promote positivity & team building


of millennials report higher

loyalty to companies that help

them support social issues


of employees say they’re more

likely to stay with an

empathetic employer


reduction in turnover when

employees are engaged in a

CSR programs

Redemption Flow

Impact Tracking

Curate nonprofits to support, organize thematic campaigns, track & report your impact.

  • Visualize impact with real-time analytics

  • Launch campaigns & measure participation performance

  • Integrate a world of additional features

  • Donation matching

  • Rapid response

  • Influencer campaigns

  • Gamification

  • Spare change donations

  • Product auctions

  • Text to Give

  • Leaderboards

  • Nonprofit partnerships

  • Volunteering

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